Urban Therapy is a Victoria based creative that throws audio/visual events showcasing local and international talent. Urban Therapy aims to provide an alternative social enviroment for those who seek it. Scroll down to learn about some of the people responsible for making these events happen.

Toni (EMP Interactions)

Toni plays a large part in the visual asthetic of our brand identity as well as providing large scale interactive stage design for each of our shows. Toni can be contacted for creative work regarding live visuals, art installations, stage design and DJ bookings.

Dan Godlovitch

A musician and digital instrument developer. Past projects of his include consulting for the award winning Kaivo synth, and he was part of the small team behind the best-selling Digitech Trio pedal. He produces music for theatre and installations as okpk, and performs in the avant-garde ensemble The Krells with former members on Sun Ra's Arkestra.

Dennis Marchand

Urban Therapy's zeros and ones guy. He manages the financial aspects of Urban Therapy as well as building and maintaining Urban Therapy's webpages. He can be contacted for web related work or DJ gigs

Kevin Green

Kevin Green is a DJ, audio-visual tech, promoter, and curator. With Urban Therapy his primary role is behind the scenes, keeping on top of logistics, making sure events run smoothly, and helping to manage our our social media. Kevin can be contacted to help you with event production and visioning, and for DJ gigs (lounge or dance floor).

Pax Frias

Pax is our dedicated Hypeman for promotions including mouth to mouth, managing our online outlets and MC'ing our parties. He is notorious for coining the phrase "It's about to get hype!". You can contact Pax for work related to promotions, event hosting, DJ gigs and stripping

Arya Hawker
(EMP Interactions)

Arya is responsible for Urban Therapy's digital content creation, such as installation projections, video/social marketing, and graphic design. Arya can be contacted for design work.

Corbin Roed

Corbin Roed is a DJ, Artist, and Producer. He takes part in planning Urban Therapy's events and makes sure we have the dopest merchandise available at all our shows. He's a great guy.