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Vancouver is hot in September.


It’s been a minute since I moved to Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in the world. The hustle is very real here and things get tite-- that’s figuratively though, cause let me tell you, it’s been worth every last dollar.

Check this out. Recognize any of the following names: SHAHdjs, LIGHTA! SOUND, TURU CREW, Chapel Sound, Low Indigo? Well if you’re reading this I’d sure hope you do. Knowledge. This city is home to these entities/brands/people/vibes, my friends and family, and is the main hub where they operate to bring to you (the community) the best in world class electronic music events. The most recent shows I’ve attended have blown my expectations out of the water. The scene here is evidently thriving.

Just look at this poster collage of the SHAHdjs ninth year here!

I think back to last week when I caught dBridge and Sinistarr double headline the show at VAL. The air in the room was already thick and moist at 11:45 when I arrived. Greazus had done a great job of literally warming up the room, even with little to no sleep, having just landed back in town from their gig at Outlook Festival. The #pizzaarmy drill sergeants did the damn thing.

Next up was the homie Sinistarr, who of course unleashed track after track of happy-sad, slow-fast, half-time, full-time, over-time, break-beat, heart-break madness. Think Machinedrum with a little Rashad, but more Detroit techno and some straight up hip-hop for the ladies. Then, the legendary, Exit Records boss, autonomic drum and bass mastermind dBridge, who worked the wheels of steel like a Samurai with absolute decisiveness. No melodrama or attitude, just flawlessly balanced selection. It was pretty emotional to be in that crowd and experience the first ever Exit Records party outside of the UK. A true lesson in the art of sound.




Speaking of forward, tonight I’ll be attending the VAL once again for Ivy Lab x Greazus x Levrige x Kirv Mokum x Totemix x 22:22 and so much more! Big up Vancouver! You might say being here is expensive, I say it’s a luxury.


Words from Pax Frias